Great Dane
Connecticut-Based Original DIY Rock/Alternative

Great Dane started in mid-2004 as a project between Ben And Dre. They (we) recorded an eleven-track CD in November of 2005 called "one-leaf tree" that's available for sale at It rocks and you should buy it.

In 2006 and after quite a bit of auditioning, Dave & Greg came on board to help us make the project into a band (because we've heard it said before that you're not a real band unless you play shows and stuff like that~ whatever).

We're currently working on a new recording that will blow away anything you've heard from us before. Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

Ben: Guitars, Banjo, Noise
Dre: Vocals
Dave: Percussion
Greg: Bass, Rhodes, Nicotine

For booking or media requests, please contact us @:

Audio (Lo-fi quality mp3 format; will launch in default audio player or right-click to save):
Busted Lung (Upcoming Currently-Untitled | Recorded 2006 | Unmastered)
Drive (Upcoming Currently-Untitled | Recorded 2006 | Unmastered)
My Bottle (Upcoming Currently-Untitled | Recorded 2006 | Unmastered)
00:00:26 ('one-leaf tree' | Recorded 2005)
Bus Stop ('one-leaf tree' | Recorded 2005)
Crawlspace ('one-leaf tree' | Recorded 2005)